A charity in Cambridge for mental health distress

A creative, sustainable and empowering strength-based approach

We are a creative and cooperative charity which provides strengths-based workshops for people with mental health needs, allowing our members to socialise and learn new skills. Our workshops are low-cost, sustainable, flexible and environmentally-friendly.

How we began

Our Cambridge charity began in 2010 when a small group of mental health service users and their friends got together and decided that they wanted to break down the loneliness and social isolation that many people experience when they are unwell.
Often, when we are unwell we are unable to take an active part in our community. We may be unable to work and even lose our job as a result of our illness. This leads to us losing our self-esteem and confidence.
We work to tackle the social isolation and discrimination experienced by many people when they are mentally unwell.
A charity run by its members for its members.

When we set up Make, Do and Mend, we decided it was really important that the charity should be run by its members for its members.
Working in this way means:
  • we can make sure that what we provide is what our members want and need
  • we can work in a flexible way, allowing members to develop their strengths, build their confidence and recover their self-esteem at their own pace.
We have currently four trustees, all of whom have direct experience of metal health illnesses or who have friends and family who are unwell. The same goes, too, for our team of dedicated volunteers. If you’d like to join us as a member or a volunteer, please visit to our membership or volunteering pages.

What we do

We provide workshops for our members to help promote recovery through socialising with other members and volunteers, and developing practical skills. We run a range of different workshops and these change over time depending on what members enjoy doing and what our volunteers can offer.
Have a look at our workshops page to see what we offer. There is sure to be something there which will interest you.
Members and volunteers build their skills through helping to run the charity and the workshops. Spending time together in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and learning to do things together helps everyone develop skills, builds self-confidence and a more positive outlook. Over time, the skills members develop help prepare them to enter the world of work. Some of our members have taken on other work outside the charity as a result.

Our network

We network with other organisations in Cambridge to support each other in the work we do to tackle social isolation and to create partnerships to bring about change in attitudes to mental illness in the community.
We provide information on mental health services and other resources in the area.
Please look at our list of contacts for information on the organisations we work with in Cambridge.
  • trustees

    Our trustees

    At present we have four very hard working trustees who all wish to make a difference to the lives of people who experience mental health distress. We adopted our constitution on 29th October 2010 which details the aims and purposes of Make, Do and Mend and we will not only do everything within our power to achieve what we have set out to do but we also believe in being completely transparent about the running of Make, Do and Mend.
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    Members and volunteers


    To become a Make, Do and Mend member you will need to;
    be based in Cambridgeshire
    and have experience of mental health distress.
    Learn more about membership here


    Make, Do and Mend offers a great variety of exciting volunteering opportunities across all areas of our organisation. All our volunteering opportunities can be found here.
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    Our partners

    Our partnership allows us to increase the range of people we adress. Partners can be local organization that help us and collaborate with us.
    Generous contributors help financing our activities.