A Charity for mental health relief

Make, Do and Mend is a not-for-profit organisation in Cambridge offering strengths-based skills workshops, volunteering opportunities and peer support to people who have experience of mental health distress.

A creative and cooperative outlet for people with mental health needs to socialise and learn new skills through strengths-based workshops which are low-cost, sustainable, flexible and environmentally friendly.

Our various workshops are led by our members' interests wherever possible and most are run by volunteers who would like to share their time and skills for the benefit of others.

If you have experience of mental health distress, live in Cambridgeshire and would like to attend one of our workshops you can sign up and become a member via our Membership page.

Calendar of activities for the month of January

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Start a workshop and learn a skill.
And at the end you might not feel so ill.
Feel more confident and get yourself out.
That is what Make, Do And Mend is all about.
Richard P.