Hands on skills
Quality time

Date: May 07, 2012

We run a variety fo workshop that are prepared and led by our volunteers. Every actions, activity is intended within a specific timeframe. Most usually, we run 1 or 2h long workshops.

Each workshop is designed with the environment in mind. We are aiming for sustainable, low-cost, empowering workshops where everyone contributes and works together to achieve joint aims.

Everybody has a strength or something they are good at and we believe that by sharing those talents with others we can help build better communities and strengthen social networks for people who have experience of mental health distress. We want to hold workshops which nurture self-esteem, personality and character using a strengths-based approach. By focussing on what people can do and providing opportunities to master new skills in a supportive, relaxed environment, we hope we can tempt you to come along and get involved.

We also welcome donations so that we may be able to expand the range of skills covered by our workshops and we are always seeking volunteers to help support our schemes in Cambridge. See the list on the right for the workshops we are currently able to offer.